Bringing you back to health with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Being Acupuncture and Natural Medicine uses Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to treat a wide range of health concerns. We are here to help your recover from aches and pains, digestive and respiratory issues, emotional well-being, women’s health and provide immune system support. 

aim is to help people primarily at the physical level but we also bring forth an understanding that as a person grows and makes changes there is a flow on effect into many areas of their being.

We’ve designed our space to treat you, as well as accomodate and nurture you to open up to all that we have to offer. Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we  practise a Japanese style of Acupuncture and use complimenting treatments such as Cupping, Moxibustion, Massage and additional Herbal Remedies to bring you back to health. 

You can find us inside the first floor hair salon and art space Maverick in Coolangatta on the Southern Gold Coast. 

Client in waiting room at Being Acupuncture surrounded by Chinese Medicinal Herbs

what do we do

Our process


• Using our diagnostic tools we assess your health concerns. 

• We will have a good chat to establish where you are at and how your body is as well as getting to know you a little – or alot!

• Consultations can include taking your pulse, a physical examination and additional consultation and/or consent forms.


• Through the consultation process we will gain an understanding of what you and your body needs.

• Using careful observation and subtle indicators we determine what condition might be presenting and a probable cause.

• A diagnosis will shed light on many facets of your health and help us to tailor the treatment to suit. 


• After careful consideration of how you and your body are feeling we will advise your treatment. 

• No two treatments at Being are the same. We tailor treatment in each appointment to each individual.

• We base our treatments on Traditional Chinese Medicine and use Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Massage and Herbs. We may use all these techniques in a single treatment. 


• Adjustments often take time to settle in and can require a follow up treatment. 

• We generally provide advice on diet, stretches, gentle movement practices or thought exercises. This homework will help you consolidate on your treatment in clinic.

• After performing various applications and methods you may or may not feel immediately better so we will generally prescribe something to take home.


About us



Reanna had a former career as a hairdresser before studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. These two skills cross over in more ways than just using sharp tools to get a desired result.  

She developed her communication skills in the hairdressing days and now applies them to all who walk into Being. Re is a light-hearted and sensitive practitioner with an ability help people navigate their hard times even at their deepest depths.

As an Acupuncturist her palpation (physical examination) is exacting. Clients often comment that she knows just where to press and where the pain and tightness is. Her treatment style is gentle and precise, with a focus on allowing the body to drop in and activate its own healing ability. 


Alastair started his Chinese Medicine degree straight out of school. He began his clinical practice as a fresh faced 24 year old and has developed skills over the last decade including Japanese Acupuncture and further study into classical herbalism.
As a practitioner he works with the physical alignment and structure of the human frame while working on the energetic alignment within. Over his time in practice his communication has developed to allow space for people to connect and discuss what’s going on for them in their life.
While he’s not helping people in the clinic he’s choking people at jiu jitsu (or otherwise getting choked)! 


Josephine has worked for 10 years as a Massage Therapist before beginning her Acupuncture journey. This gives her incredible skills in touch and palpation (physical examination).
Her study in Japanese Acupuncture has been enhanced greatly by her massage skill which gives her a superb understanding of the body and anatomy.
Josephine’s treatments are always personalised to the individual on her treatment table. 
If she’s not gently putting needles in to people she is not so gently spearing fish to get dinner for herself and her loved ones. Yum!