Acupuncture &
Natural Medicine

Being is a health care clinic focused on Acupuncture and Natural Medicine - we help people find natural solutions for health issues and place emphasis on general well-being.
We are based in the heart of Coolangatta on the southern Gold Coast.

Japanese style Acupuncture

Welcome to Being. We offer Acupuncture and Natural Medicine treatments from our beautiful space in Coolangatta, assisting our clients with their general well-being and a wide range of health concerns.

Our practitioners have been trained in a Japanese style of Acupuncture and studied directly with a Sensei in Japan. Japanese style Acupuncture is unique to Japan - but it has roots in Chinese Medicine. This style of Acupuncture is generally more gentle and precise and our aim is to make your treatment experience as comfortable as possible while getting the desired health benefits and outcomes.

Our approach to treatment is based on the principles of Natural and Chinese Medicine and each treatment is tailored to suit you and your health concerns.

A Natural Medicine approach

Our approach is based in principles of Natural and Traditional Chinese Medicine and with respect to the individual, while addressing specific health concerns. A consultation and diagnostic process establishes an understanding of your body and your health and lifestyle, so that we can provide treatment for the best outcome. 

Our assessment leads to hands on treatment by your practitioner, using our Natural Medicine Approach with Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Herbal Medicine with Massage and Body Work techniques.

During and after treatment we give practical, take home advice and principles in diet, stretching, gentle movement practice or thought techniques which aid the healing process.

Our aim is to help people primarily at the physical level but as the person adjusts, changes and levels up, this has a flow on effect to many areas of your Being.

How we treat you

We will take a deep dive into your health concerns, through a comprehensive consultation and subsequent treatment to suit our findings. Our focus is on Natural Medicine and treatment can involve Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Massage, Herbal Medicine and will include general work on the body. Treatment is often a combination of these techniques.

There is no one treatment to suit all, so your treatment is dependant on what the individual needs. No two treatments are the same and we tailor each treatment in each appointment to each individual. Please click through to dive deeper into each of the techniques we use to treat you.

It's nice to meet you!

With a growing interest in Natural Medicine and alternatives to conventional health and medicine, Being's founder - Reanna - began a Bachelor of Health and quickly became fascinated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Fast forward to establishing 'Being' - a unique treatment space and health clinic as a solo practitioner, Being was born in 2019. Re is a master of open conversation and is dedicated to an all encompassing approach to each treatment. 

Reanna's partner in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine is Alastair, who has a decade of experience in medicine and initially explored Chinese Medicine to grow his knowledge as a martial arts nerd. Alastair's ability to connect and get to know you and your body is invaluable to how we approach treatments at Being. 

There is much more to us and our small team - if you would like to find out more, by all means click the button!